Welcome To Erotic Icon's Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What types of events do you provide entertainment for?

A: At Erotic Icon Entertainment we provide adult party entertainment for a variety of occasions, like bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthday parties, poker parties, retirement parties, ladies night, guys night, or any event where you require entertainment. We also have party hosts and hostesses for corporate events, golf outings, promotional events, and modeling.


Q: How much should I spend on my entertainment?

A: The entertainment is the most important part of any party. Get your guests to chip in for part of the entertainment costs. If you have 20 guests and every guest chips in $20 towards the entertainment, you have $400.00 to spend. At Erotic Icon we strive to provide the lowest show prices with the most exceptional entertainment.

Q: How do you protect my privacy?

A: Your privacy is very important to us. We do not harvest, sell, trade, or give away any personal information in any way. Our site may set cookies on your computer to facilitate your navigation while on our site. These cookies are never used for any other purpose and will expire depending on your browser settings.

Q: Who can use your site and age requirement?

A: By entering the Erotic Icon Entertainment website you are agreeing with the following statements:

I am familiar with all local laws in my area that pertain to my right to view adult-oriented material.

I am at least 18 years of age, and may view adult materials without violating the legal standards of my community, city, or state.

Q: How do you accept payment?

A: A credit card is required at the time of booking to hold all reservations. It is your choice to pay with your card or pay cash on arrival. All credit cards will be charged the week of the party. Any cash balance will be due to the entertainer upon arrival. If you do not have a credit or debit card, then a 25% cash deposit will be required to hold your reservation.

Q: How will my credit card charge appear on my statement?

A: For your privacy and discretion, E.I. Entertainment will appear on your credit card statement for any charges that you authorize for our services. This applies to all major credit cards that are accepted by Erotic Icon Inc, including American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa.

If you are using your credit card or debit card strictly to hold your reservations nothing will appear on your statement.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: You have 48 hours to cancel without incurring a cancellation fee. Cancellations after 48 hours from the DATE ORDERED will be subject to a 25% cancellation fee of the full show price. Cancellations made within 48 hours of the party, day of the party, or on arrival will be subject to pay the entire price (100%) of the show reserved.

No refund, adjustments, and/or discounts will be given after services have been accepted and rendered. Rendered services are where ANY dancer has stripped as agreed or revealed any part of his/her body.

Q: How many guests are required to use your service?

A: Erotic Icon is an entertainment agency for adult parties. We are not a dating service. Even though most stripper companies provide one on one service, in call, out call, and everything else in between, Erotic Icon chooses not to. Therefore, the minimum number of guests required is 5 to 10. Preferably party settings, gatherings, meetings, outings, conventions, or corporate events. We have set the highest standards that our clients, our community, and local businesses have come to respect since 1990.

Q: Can we choose when our entertainers arrive?

A: Yes, but we do require an arrival window for each set of entertainers arriving at your party. This helps us schedule the shows more efficiently and will lessen the chance of tardiness due to weather, traffic, etc. If our entertainers are ever running late, they will call you with the contact information you provided to let you know.

Q: How far do your entertainers travel, and is there an additional traveling fee?

A: Our entertainers are available for all parties in the Metro Detroit area and surrounding suburbs. If your party is located out of our regular coverage area, an additional travel fee will be added to the final price of the show. The fee is to accommodate the driver for their fuel and the entertainer(s) for their time spent traveling to and from your party. If you think the location of your party might be out of our coverage area, please feel free to contact us to get an estimate for the total cost of your entertainment.

Q: Is touching the stripper allowed?

A: To a certain extent and only where the stripper allows you to touch. Most entertainers will make an announcement before the show to let you know the appropriate places to be touched. Dancers do not like being groped, bit, slapped, spanked, harassed, or any other form of aggressive touching that inflicts or causes pain. The stripper will give a polite but firm warning and if the abuse doesn't stop, your entertainer reserves the right to cancel the show and leave your party with no refund due. Please make sure that any guest behaving inappropriately is removed from the party to insure that the rest have a great experience.

Q: Do we get to choose our entertainers?

A: Yes. You can view most of our entertainers by clicking on the gallery and choosing "Men in Motion" or "Detroit Dream Girls". Before making your reservation you may choose 3-5 of your top choices from our gallery. We will always do our best to get you the entertainers of your choice, however there are no guarantees. All of our bookings are subject to availability. Our entertainers are in high demand year round, and are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Booking your party well in advance ensures a better chance at getting your requested entertainers.

Q: What can I expect of the stripper at my party?

A: You can expect a good looking exotic dancer that is friendly, courteous, and eager to please. If the entertainer has a costumed act to perform they will execute that upon arrival to play a joke on the entire party. The stripper will then ask for an armless chair to place in the center of the room for the guest of honor. They will set up their music and start the show. The entertainer will perform the entire show in front of the whole crowd. Once the show that you ordered is complete, the stripper will offer party games and additional lap dances for tips. Encourage your guests to bring money for tipping the stripper or getting an individual lap dance.

Q: What does the stripper expect from my party?

A: The entertainer will provide the services you ordered in the best form possible. Keep in mind that if your party is out of control, your guests are disrespectful, or the stripper feels threatened or endangered, then the entertainer has the right to leave your party without a refund, nor an adjustment of any kind.

Please treat the dancers with the same respect you would treat any other professional service provider. The strippers are putting it all out on the line and opening themselves up to more criticism than any other profession. Good behavior, good conduct, and good attitudes lead to all types of good times, good memories, good laughs, and a good show from the entertainer.

Q: Should we tip our entertainers?

A: Tipping is highly recommended and encouraged to help show the entertainers your appreciation for their performance. The entertainers make most of their money off of tips, from doing lap dances, exotic acts, party games, and specialty shows after they complete the paid show for the guest of honor (at their own discretion).

Remember to remind your guests to bring some extra cash for lap dances and tipping the stripper!

Q: Can my party solicit the stripper for sexual favors?

A: No. Do not solicit the dancers for sexual favors. They are strippers, not prostitutes. If you do ask, the answer is NO. Most of our entertainers are college students that are working towards a career. The advantage to you is better looking and better quality strippers. We do not hire crackheads, strippers out of nightclubs, nor do we get involved in the one on one escorting business.

Q: Can I take pictures and videos during the show?

A: Most of our entertainers do not mind being photographed, but it is up to the individual entertainer. Most of the strippers do not have a problem allowing pictures before the show starts, while they are fully dressed.

Since the majority of our shows are much more risque than a g-string show, the dancer will make an announcement about pictures before they start. We ask that you respect their rules. If someone does snap a shot, or is caught taking a video of the show, the stripper will confiscate your device and the party will grind to a halt.

Please ask before you shoot.

Q: How long do the shows last?

A: We do not put a time limit on your entertainment. The main show usually lasts about 30 to 60 minutes. Afterwards the entertainers will offer lap dances, party games, and specialty shows for tips. The amount of time an entertainer stays at a party depends on guest conduct and participation. Be friendly and welcoming to your entertainers, tip them well, and you will get an amazing performance and party.

Q: Do I need to provide anything for the entertainers?

A: The entertainers or their driver will need to collect the balance due for the show before they start. Most female, and some male entertainers will need a private room or restroom to freshen up and change before starting their show. The entertainers will bring everything else needed for the show, including their own music and speakers. Please provide an armless chair and a room with enough space for the show to be performed.

Q: Where should we have our party?

A: The entertainers can perform at a variety of different venues such as someone's home, hotel room, private hall, or party bus. The entertainers can also perform at a public location, but you must have a private room if you plan on having the entertainer(s) strip topless. Otherwise the female dancers will remain in bikinis and the males in boxers. Check out our ideas for Party Venues

Q: Will the entertainer(s) stay and hang out after the show?

A: Yes. Your entertainer(s) will most likely stay and hang out with you and your party after their main show. They will offer lap dances, party games, and specialty shows for tips. How long your entertainer stays for is ultimately in your hands. Tip well, be respectful and courteous, and your entertainer will feel comfortable and want to stay.